Payment fraud continues to be one of the major concerns for e-commerce business

3DS Secure Online Payments from Accepted Payments can be the solution

The benefits of 3DS Secure Online Payments

3DS Secure Online Payments protects both customers and merchants from the threat of online identity and  payment fraud.

By completing an additional authentication step through 3DS, the issuing bank then becomes the liable for any fraudulent chargebacks. 

Fewer chargebacks also provides better financial efficiency for your business.. 3D Secure helps mitigate the resources associated with disputes management, chargeback penalties, and fees.

How Accepted Payments can help

We can assist your business in the setting up of 3DS Secure Online Payments and will take you through all the necessary steps needed to meet the requires of the modern online payments environment.

Our rates (listed below) are considerably lower than many other established payments companies. We also offer complete transparency on all PCI and Analytics fees from the start, so you know exactly how much you will need to pay right from the start.

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How our rates compare

  • ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: 0.70% - 1.00% (+10p)

  • STRIPE: 1.4% - 2.9% (+20p)

  • PAYPAL: 1.9% - 3.4% (+20p)

  • AMAZON PAY: 1.9% (+20p)


The cardholder enters their unique credit/debit card data.


The client is then redirected to a 3D Secure page served by the card provider


If successfully the cardholder is then redirected back to a merchant's website for payment confirmation.


The system checks whether or not the card is registered for 3DS Secure Online Payments


The client will be asked to enter their authentication details.


Once back on the merchant's site, the customer will receive confirmation of a successful payment.

Ordering Online

Identity fraud has been steadily rising over the last five years, with recorded cases last year up by over 30% when compared to 2015. The majority of these cases we also attributed to online identity fraud.


Thankfully for e-commerce businesses, there are preventive measures that can be taken to protect yourselves and and your customers from payment fraud. If you are looking for ways to reduce the risk of unauthorised charges in your online business then Accepted Payments can help.

Originally created by Visa and MasterCard, 3D 3DS is a technical standard that adds an additional layer of security to online credit and debit card transactions.

Different card networks have since developed their own 3D Secure transaction products:

The term 3DS stands for '3 Domain Server'. The technology is called this this because transaction involves these three independent parties:

  • The Acquirer Domain - The merchant's bank accepting card payments.

  • The Issuer Domain - The organization that issued the card being used in the online transaction.

  • The Interoperability Domain - The payment systems that act as the connector between the Acquirer Domain and the Issuer Domain.

How does 3DS Secure Online Payments work?

3DS Secure Online Payments adds an additional level of payment protection to an online transaction. In order to complete an online purchase, the cardholder is asked to provide proof of identity by entering a unique password, an SMS code or a temporary PIN.

Here are the initial steps involved in the 3D Secure process: